Soups Facts, Interesting and Delicious Information About Food:

There's nothing that pleases our taste buds better than a bowl of soup on a chilly evening. It's warms you up and satisfies those evening hunger pangs too. But how much do you really know about your favourite evening snack?


1. The word soup is of Sanskrit origin! It is derived from the su and po, which means good nutrition.

2. Soups are great as fillers when you are on a diet. Don't want to stuff yourself at dinner? Have a soup just before. A cup of soup also makes for a smart low-cal snack. Simply opt for a clear soup like Knorr's Hot and Sour or Veg Manchow Soup to make sure you keep the calories away.

3. Do your kids cringe at the sight of vegetables? The perfect solution to that would be soups! Soups are the perfect way to incorporate vegetables in your diet. Not only are they nutritious but they are very tasty too. So now you can sneak in vegetables like tomatoes, spinach and cabbage in your child's diet and have him enjoy it! Try Knorr's Classic Thick Tomato Soup which is tasty and nutritious!

4. Want to remove excess fat from your soup? Simply take a lettuce leaf and draw it across the surface of the soup. The excess fat sticks to the leaf. You can also skim the excess fat off with a large spoon.

5. We 'eat' and don't drink soup. In most cultures, soup is had as a part of the meal. According to etiquette experts, since we consume soup with a spoon as opposed to sipping it from a bowl, we 'eat' it.

6. Creamy soups are simply yummy. But, you would want to stay away from them if you want to lose weight. Get this: One cup of light whipping cream contains approximately 700 calories and 74 grams of fat! You could always drink a cup of Knorr soup though. As these soups are low on trans-fats, sodium, saturated fats and sugar.

7. Soups are energisers! Do you invariably get late for dinner? Simply have a bowl of soup. The high water content in soups will keep you full and give you nutrition too. A bowl of hot, delicious soup would make a great dinner. And no, you wouldn't even see the need to wake up later for a midnight snack! Knorr soups are nutritious as they are made of dehydrated veggies that are freeze-dried to make sure the nutrients are preserved.