Jabuticaba Facts; How Mutch Important, Benificial And Interesting?

Plinia cauliflora, the Brazilian grapetree, or jabuticaba, is a tree in the family Myrtaceae, native to Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo states in Brazil.


    You may have heard the idiomatic phrase, "Sour Grapes" but the grapes that we are talking about are definitely not sour. They are the most easily accessible grapes ever, because no jumping or climbing the tree is required. Now where would you find one? As the name suggests the Brazilian Grape tree is found in the states of Minas Gerias and Sao Paulo, in the south of Brazil. Other areas where similar species of the tree are found are Argentine, Bolivia and Paraguay.

    Jabuticaba Fruit comes from South America and is becoming popular all over in the tropics and even in Florida, California and other places in the US and world. I even have one in my front yard and Jabuticaba Fruit has some great health benefits.

    These large fruits stick to the trunk and large limbs of the tree and have a cross between a guava, mangosteen, passion fruit, and soursop taste. The taste is sweet and wonderful!

    Jabuticaba Fruit can be stimulating, opens up bronchial airways, which is good for asthma, and slightly astringent making it great for diarrhea, and also healing those suffering from tonsillitis.

    Jabuticaba Fruit is anti-inflammatory, and full of great antioxidants.

    Some people call Jabuticaba Fruit an anti-aging fruit with similar health benefits like cranberries.

    Jabuticaba Fruit contains lots of protein, low in carbs, and high in calcium, iron, phosphorus, and very high in Vitamin C and has some B vitamins, and very low in calories.

    New studies are being done on the effectiveness of Jabuticaba for fighting cancer because it contains many anticancer compounds.

    Jabuticaba Fruit soothes the GI tract, helps with arthritis, and also prevents many skin diseases and even hair loss plus Jabuticaba Fruit is also a great detoxing agent.

    Jabuticaba Fruit makes a wonderful jelly and one of the best cheesecakes you will ever have.

    You will be seeing and hearing more about the health benefits of Jabuticaba Fruit in the news I am sure.