Purple Mangosteen Facts; How Mutch Important, Benificial And Interesting?

The purple mangosteen, colloquially known simply as mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia.


    Mangosteen, also known as the "queen of tropical fruit", belongs to the garcinia family. Despite its name, mangosteen and mango are not closely related. Mangosteen originates from Sunda Islands and Moluccas (southeast Asia). Mangosteen produces fruit of best quality in areas with temperature between 25 and 35 degrees of Celsius, on the fertile, well-drained soil. Young trees need to grow in the partial shade, while mature trees require plenty of sun for the proper development of fruit. Majority of globally consumed mangosteen originates from southeast Asia, tropical parts of South America, Puerto Rico and India. Mangosteen is mostly cultivated as a source of food and in ornamental purposes.

    Did You Know That the Mangosteen Fruit is sometimes called a SuperFruit in many places around the World? Here a number of delicious and much interesting facts that you might not know about the Mangosteen Fruit.

  • The Mangosteen Fruit is a Tropical Fruit that comes from Asia.
  • The Mangosteen Fruit is the national fruit of Thailand.
  • The Mangosteen Fruit is mentioned in Chinese medical accounts as far back as the Ming Dynasty(1368A.D.-1644A.D.)
  • There accounts by Tens of Thousands of people over hundreds and hundreds of years using Mangosteen Fruit for Medical uses.

  • The Mangosteen Fruit is Highly recommended by World Renowned Doctors as a Preventive Maintenance for the Body.
  • The Mangosteen Fruit is about the same size as a Tangerine.
  • It is claimed by many people around the world, To be the best tasting friut in the world.
  • It's True Scientific name is Garcinia Mangostana.

  • The Mangosteen Fruit Usually weighs about 80 to 140 grams.
  • One Mangosten Fruit contains Only 2 to 3 seeds.
  • The Mangosteen Tree can grow to heights of to 75 feet!
  • It takes up ten years of cultivation before a Mangosteen Tree can bare it's Fantastic tasting Fruit.

  • The Mangosteen Tree produces Fruit twice each year.
  • The Mangosteen fruit contains 43 of the more then 200 Xanthones found in nature.
  • It is known in some areas of the world to be the "Queen of Fruits" as well as "The Food of The Gods".
  • The Mangosteen Fruit is purple in color and has a very soft rind when it first comes off the tree,then it hardens to the texture and hardness of a pamagranite skin.

  • Mangosteen Fruit is RICH in Anitoxidents.
  • Mangosteen Fruit was named by the French explorer and Physician Laurentiers Garcin.
  • Mangosteen was said to have been Queen Victoria's favorite fruit.
  • The rind or paracarp of the Mangosteen Fruit is used for both tanning and dying.
  • And Lastly The Mangosteen Fruit is NOT a Mango!